Contemporary Worship Service

Our Refuge service is a dynamic and Christ-centered worship community at St. Mark’s UMC. Each Sunday at 11 a.m. we gather for worship in a casual atmosphere with a deep spiritual focus. We celebrate God’s grace and love and seek to change our lives and the world around us. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Refuge is a different community. The focus at Refuge is on our faith journey and God’s call on our lives and the world. You won’t hear about “five keys to success” but what you will experience is God’s Spirit.
  • Refuge is a Scriptural community. Every worship service centers on the reading and teaching of Scripture. Our worship series emphasize deep looks at how Scripture can help guide our lives and challenge us to live the lives God has placed within us.
  • Refuge is a Thinking community. Part of our Methodist heritage is the belief that we are called to use our reason in matters of faith. We are not a dogmatic community, rather we believe in the faithful manifestation of God's love.

What to Expect at a Refuge Service
Engaging Music – One of the first questions people often ask of a worship community is “What type of music do you play?” If you tried to classify Refuge it might be Indie-Contemporary with a little variety--we use the oldest of hymns and the freshest contemporary worship songs, and even adapt secular music pieces on occasion. In short, you might not be able to guess what songs you will hear, but they will be dynamic and engaging.

Relevant Teaching – A major focus of Refuge is presenting God’s word in a relevant way. We believe that God’s message of love, mercy, justice, and compassion is sorely needed in the world today. We want to stand up for people and for the things of God.

Active Community – Refuge is part of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, a community that is engaged doing the work of Christ all over Baytown and beyond. Several times a year we gather as a community to do good and work with those who need God’s mercy. We are engaged in schools, food ministries and much more.