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Our Latest Youth Newsletter:

(includes updates on “Lakeview” Summer Camp, “UM Army” HS Missions, and “Big House” JrHigh Missions, as well as our Full #StayHome Youth Schedule!)



Summer Youth Mission Trips


Jacksonville, TX
July 5th-11th, 2020

NOTE:  Please hold off on registering for Summer Missions Trips until we have Confirmed Updates for you sometime in May!

ALL students who sign up for UM ARMY by _____ (Date TBA) will get $100 total discount off their UM ARMY Registration IF all of the following is completed by _______ (Date TBA):

(ADULTS will get a $50 discount for Registering, Completing Release Form and Paying Deposit by _________ (Date TBA))


You can register online at home before _______ (Date TBA)



Palestine, TX
July 23rd-26th, 2020
ALL students who sign up for BIG HOUSE by ______ (Date TBA) will get $50 total discount off their BIG HOUSE Registration IF all of the following is completed by _______ (Date TBA):
  • Deposit Paid ($50).
  • Online Registration Completed 
    • Email Cletis ( after you’re registered & he will confirm your registration!
  • You’ve Submitted a Copy of your Health Ins. Card
(ADULTS will get a $50 discount for Registering, Submitting Copy of Health Ins. Card & Paying Deposit by _______ (Date TBA))


You can register online at home before _________ (Date TBA)


About St Mark’s Youth

St. Mark’s Youth is a fellowship of young people who have completed grades 6-12, who enjoy learning about God and who are seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Together, we take trips, go to church camp, play games, eat great food, and worship our Savior. Being a teen is hard enough, school can be all-consuming, and finding your way isn’t always easy. Having a refuge or place to be the “real you” can make it better. If you are looking for Christian friends and activities, we might just be what you need. Come and see for yourself what incredible things are going on at SMUMC YOUTH!

There’s an APP for that!!

Stay connected with St. Mark’s Youth through our App for iPhone and Android. Search SMUMC Youth Ministries. The App has a calendar of events, devotionals, and a Bible all at your fingertips!

Methodist Youth Fellowship

Sundays we meet for faith, fun, and fellowship. Every week is different, but we do all sorts of great things from hanging out, eating and playing games to going to concerts and all sorts of things.  Jr High meets from 5pm-7pm & High School meets 6pm-8pm.

MYF is the heart, but there is so much more we do throughout the year. One of the biggest goals for our youth is to make a difference in the world and we do that in many ways outside of Sunday nights.

Adult Volunteers Wanted

  • Nothing is more impactful or influential in the faith life of a teenager than the consistent presence of multiple Christ-following adults in their life.
  • So the question is this: is God asking you to step up and spend two hours a week with our church community’s teenagers?
  • What if 15 years from now there’s a kid sharing their story about what God did in them at youth group, all because you decided in 2019 to come hang with them and show them what Christ’s love looks like in the flesh?
  • Let’s be the hands and feet of Christ together this fall! Interested? Stop what you’re doing and give me a call, let me take you to coffee, or swing by the office!
  • Contact me:

    Cletis Rogers
    Cell: (832) 528-2096
    Youth Director
    St. Mark’s UMC

Big House

BIG HOUSE Junior High Mission Trip

BIG HOUSE is an acronym which stands for Believing in God, Helping Others Understand through Service Everywhere. Our mission is “To prepare youth and adults to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, by providing an opportunity to be in mission to churches in need everywhere.”

We want to give an opportunity for youth to come together and grow in their Christian experience, through all aspects of our mission trip, whether it be on the worksite, or in fellowship with one another. Camps include participants who have completed the 6th through the 8th grade from all over Texas. These youth come together, with the help of adults, to work on churches and homes of those who are in need and are unable to do the work themselves.


U.M. ARMY is an acronym which stands for United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth. U.M. ARMY’s mission is: “To provide Christ-centered quality youth work camps that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth.”

It is an opportunity for youth, college students and adults to experience Christian growth through mission, worship, and fellowship. Participants combine their strengths to meet home repair and maintenance needs of those unable to help themselves. It is typically for students who have completed at least one year of High School, although some camps include incoming 9th graders.

U.M. ARMY has been holding camps for more than 30 years and our program is constantly growing in size and territory. We have managed to touch many lives over those years. Annually we have over 4000 participants working on about 1700 projects and now hold camps for Christmas, spring break, summer, and weekends throughout the year!

For more information: Visit