Where Are You Today on Your Journey?

Wherever You Are – It’s Good

To find your next step, you will want to know your starting point.

Our Discipleship Pathway consists of four stages, each with a unique invitation from Jesus which calls for a response. Therefore, for each stage, we recommend three action steps. These steps have high potential to help you grow to the next step. While it may not be perfect, our model helps us describe the journey of discipleship in a way that helps you make progress on the path.

The four stages and corresponding invitation from Jesus on the Discipleship Journey are:

1. Come and See
(John 1:39)

2. Come Follow Me
(Matthew 4:19)

3. Be with Me
(Mark 3:14)

4. Abide in Me
(John 15:14)

No stage is better than another, just as being an adult is no better than a child. Each is appropriate for its stage of development.