What Does the Discipleship Journey Look Like?

The journey is not always a straight one – and that’s ok!

Intention is often the overlooked issue in discipleship. The primary agent of discipleship is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will not over power us. If we do not want Christ formed in us, then not even the Holy Spirit will make it happen. Individuals have to want discipleship growth. Our will has to intend to put on the character of Christ to make it happen. We must put forth effort to realize the new life Jesus offers us.

Discipleship Growth Requires Intention!

It doesn’t happen overnight!

Discipleship is a Journey!

Our Discipleship Pathway at St. Mark’s Depicts the Discipleship Journey with Four Stages

There is nothing magical about four. But a four-stage model helps us visualize the journey. WARNING: The discipleship journey can be quite messy. Becoming a mature disciple of Jesus is a long dynamic process powered by the Holy Spirit. There can be delays and detours, setbacks and switchbacks, along the way. People can even hit a wall and get stuck. The discipleship is not neat and linear.