Come, Follow Me

Come, Follow Me
Matthew 4:19

And he said to them “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.”

What does discipleship look like at this stage?

Having embraced Christ and basic Christian beliefs, you are now committed to a deeper connection with God and are following Jesus. Whereas God’s grace has brought you to the starting line of the discipleship journey, now God’s grace is giving you a new and richer relationship with God and others.

At this stage, you are learning from others. You are also hearing about and trying out personal spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, Bible study, accountability and giving to deepen your connection with God. However, your use of these practices may be sporadic at this stage. While you may join small groups and serving ministries, you may still remain hesitant to connect deeply with or to share your new faith with others. In absorbing the real-life implications of your growing faith, you probably struggle to move from acknowledging God (head) to having a personal relationship with God (heart), even though you may be serving God (hands).

This is a stage of “doing” for God– going to Bible study, serving others, attending worship. It is possible to get comfortable and “stuck” in this stage. Many people do.


  1. Explore your beliefs – Join a Bible study or life group learning experience. Go on the Walk to Emmaus Retreat
  2. Explore Membership – Join a Women’s Circle (several are available), Join our Methodist Men group
  3. Serve Others – Serve with us in the church, in Baytown, or across the world through Day of Caring, Food Fair, Kid’s Hope, Other