Come and See

Come and See
John 1:39

Jesus said to them “come and see.” They came and saw where he was staying, and they remained with him that day.

What does discipleship look like at this stage?

Welcome! You are on the starting line of your faith journey. God’s grace has helped you to be here. You are evaluating what Christianity is all about and checking out the church as a community which claims to embrace those beliefs. This is a time of exploring whether this will make any positive difference in your life.

At this stage you may or may not believe in God or a Higher Power. You probably struggle to understand the claims of Christ. Jesus’s question, “Who do you say I am?” (Mark 8:27) is a question that is real for you.

You may have had a profound experience of God in nature or something you perceive as miraculous, such as the birth of a child, resulting in awe of God. Or you may be experiencing some deep trauma resulting your need for God. Quite possibly you are looking for a reason to believe, but doubts and questions block your progress, as may past experiences with the church. People at this stage are very sensitive to what they perceive as hypocrisy when “the church” says one thing and its people do another.


  1. Regularly attend one of our worship services – 8:30, 10:45 Traditional, or 10:45 Refuge Contemporary Service
  2. Explore the Bible – Join a life group or Bible study, Read Making Sense of the Bible by Adam Hamilton, Attend a 4-week Methodist class
  3. Experience Community – Volunteer to help with Food Fair, volunteer to be an usher or a greeter, volunteer with the food service on Sunday for the Gathering