Be With Me

Be With Me
Mark 3:14

And he appointed twelve whom he also named apostles, to be with him, and to be sent out to proclaim the message.

What does discipleship look like at this stage?

Having been brought to the starting line of your faith journey by God’s grace, and having experienced the goodness and love of Christ, you are now being to transformation through God’s grace. You will be going deeper, beyond the basics, to intimacy with Jesus at this stage. While still “doing,” you will embrace “being,” with God in Jesus Christ.

This stage is characterized by people owning their faith. You are becoming less dependent on church programing to deepen your connection with God. You are seeking discernment of God’s will more than direction from the church as you integrate faith into your life in a holistic way. A relationship with Jesus is becoming primary in your faith journey.

Life at this stage is noticeably different. Your beliefs, character traits, daily rituals, behaviors experiences and expectations change in ways that others may notice. You are connecting with God in a richer way through regular personal spiritual practices. You are praying, encountering scripture, tithing (or moving toward it), worshiping, serving others, and sharing your faith more at this stage than at previous stages. You share your faith journey at a deeper more personal level with others. Worship is a response of your heart, not an event you are supposed to attend.


  1. Deepen spiritual practices – Join a weekly prayer group
  2. Develop as a Leader – Pastor Leadership Bible Study
  3. Develop your outward connection – Kids Hope, Sanctuary Usher, Scripture Reader, Gathering Coordinator, Other